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The Venezuelans now seeking protection outside their country don’t have the financial resources to cope with their changed circumstances in a new land. In the home country of these beautiful women, there is a heavy presence of men dominating women and having power, control, and superiority over them. This social behavior pattern influences their dating culture and etiquette, too. As a result, even those Venezuelan girls who are more into equal rights and feminism still consider it ok when a man serves as a protector and a provider.

In fact, rates measuring women’s political participation and economic independence did not change in the country after 1999, while the region’s rates improved. Women are chronically underrepresented in Venezuela’s political stage, both within pro-regime “Chavismo” forces and the democratic opposition. Gender has been included as a cross-cutting priority in the Regional Refugee and Migrant Response Plan for several years, but whether and to what extent the dynamics around shifting gender norms are being considered in the response is less clear. Gender programming remains dominated by protection concerns, particularly around GBV, and sexual health concerns, such as contraception. Other issues, such as livelihoods, are much less likely to be seen through a gender lens that does not resort to stereotypes of gendered work. Table2 describes the main SRH issues and concerns reported by the women.

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  • Venezuela’s humanitarian crisis continues to deteriorate and impact the security and stability of the region.
  • The current birth rate among Venezuelan women is about 17 births per 1K people.
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However, the main reason why they love American men is that men from the US are generally more respectful, caring, and loyal to their wives and girlfriends than Venezuelan men. Unlike some Western women, Venezuelan girls do not play games in a relationship. If there’s a problem, they prefer talking about it and doing their best to fix it together instead of being passive-aggressive and making hints.

Women in Venezuela

Since that time, Venezuela continues to supply beauty queens to the world market. Venezuela is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as a country whose representatives most often became winners in the world beauty contests in recent decades. Most likely, this is a mystery of nature, blood mixing, and the achievements of plastic surgery altogether. In Venezuela, almost every girl strives for having perfect body forms, and they begin to take care of their appearance from childhood. Participation in all kinds of beauty contests has become a nationwide hobby for young Venezuelan women.

Previous reports indicated that Venezuelan women face multiple barriers that limit their access to SRH services in host countries. These barriers include language difficulties, the large number of people seeking care, and in the particular case of Colombia, the cost of health services . According to the Brazilian constitution, all citizens have the right to free healthcare within the SUS. These women often live in a hostile environment which places an additional burden in their quest for justice. For instance, they are disproportionately impacted by a humanitarian crisis. According to figures from HUM Venezuela, more than 9 and a half million women, girls and adolescents in Venezuela had humanitarian needs in 2021, including the lack of work, medicines and medical care, basic services, food and the lack of transport and fuel. Venezuela presents a significant example of groups of women seeking justice and the severe discrimination they find from authorities on this path.

Additionally, they also face social exclusion due to public shame and stigmatization and, in many cases, report threats and acts of harassment by public officials, including numerous gender-based assaults with sexist comments and public humiliation. The selection of women as the object of persecution is not a coincidence but is based on the role that the authorities expect them to have as mothers, wives, and sisters and acquires a particular nature. These stereotypes prioritize the idea of women as a mother figure and makes them an ideal target to punish and threaten any individual perceived as opposing the authorities. At the same time, the stereotypes sexualize young women outside this role of motherhood. Even if most victims of persecution based on political grounds in Venezuela are men, this is due to the discrimination that exists in the participation of women in political and public spaces. Before describing the situations above, it is important to note that the political context is discriminatory against women, suffering almost total exclusion from political leadership positions and participation in dialogue tables and decision-making spaces. Additionally, their intervention in such spaces may entail risks that often prefer to be avoided, which is a factor of discouragement.


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Dating Venezuelan Women: Step-By-Step Guide On How To Date Women From Venezuela

The total fertility rate in Venezuela is 2.21 children per 1 woman, which is one of the highest rates in South America. This is another reason why lots of Western men marry brides from this country—if you want to have a large family, Venezuelan females are a perfect choice. It was almost 4 times lower than in the United States (0.9 vs 3.7 divorces per 1,000 people in 2015). It’s interesting that despite the awful crisis and hyperinflation, the divorce rate is slowly decreasing (0.7 per 1,000 people in 2017). There are lots of stereotypes about foreign brides who want to leave their country because of the economic situation, and in most cases, these stereotypes are false, but when it comes to Venezuela, it’s true. It is the country with some of the most refugees per 100,000 population—it’s only surpassed by Syria, Western Sahara, and South Sudan.

But you will need to find a reliable dating site, which is not as easy as it seems. In July 2019, California became the first United States state to ban discrimination based on a person’s natural hair, in a law that stated that hair was a frequent reason for racial discrimination, particularly for black people. Wearing natural Afro-textured hair proudly has become an expression of black pride after the black community’s naturally kinky hair became a point of political contestation in the West. Generations of the black community worldwide were pushed to treat their hair with harmful chemicals or donned sleek wigs solely to appear “presentable” in public. In Colombia, as of the end of August, 27 Venezuelan women had already been killed violently this year – the vast majority of the cases involving sexual violence. From murder to maternal mortality, from forced sex work to being sexually abused in prison, Venezuelan women are paying a particularly high price as the oil-rich South American country continues its long and downward spiral.