Muelle Rican Wedding party Traditions

Every tradition has its own one of a kind set of marriage ceremony traditions that place in a special feel on your nuptials. Via ceremony customs to foodstuff & drink customs, these types of practices make your wedding celebration remarkable and specific.

The bouquet:

To get a Puerto Rican bride, the bouquet typically includes a blend local wild blossoms like amapolas (the accepted floral of the island) along with flamboyan and margarita flowers. Guests may also take an amapola rose or supporter as part of their particular attire.

Las Arres de Desposorio:

During the ceremony, the groom will receive 13 gold coins, also referred to as las se?al de boda, which legally represent Jesus Christ and his doze apostles. This is a well known Catholic custom, and it is believed to represent the couple uniting in God’s eye.


A great wedding favor, capias are little strips of ribbon that feature the names of your newlyweds on one end and their date on the other. They are typically given to each guest independently by the groom and bride.

Wax lights:

A common theme in Malograr Rico, bright white candles are a symbol of purity and innocence meant for the groom and bride. They are psychology of online dating also a traditional wedding decoration, frequently used as table centerpieces at receptions.

The bridal toy:

At a traditional Puerto Rican wedding, it is traditions for the bride and groom helping put a toy dressed in a dress coordinating their own in front of of the main table. The girl doll is then pinned which has a variety of gifts by guests, including funds.